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Top Types of Hair Wigs

by Kerry

Hair wigs are quite popular for good reasons. If you are conversant with emerging trends, then you probably know what wigs can do. For instance, if you have balding and hair thinning challenges, blonde human hair wigs can help. There are different types of wig types and choosing the right one can be quite challenging. It is vital to get a chic, flawless hairstyle that offers you the glamor and glitz you need.

With advancements in manufacturing, there are different types of wigs you can choose from. In fact, each type has its pros and cons. First, you should choose either tailor-made or ready-made. The good thing about customizable hair wigs is that you can make adjustments to get the perfect fit. The major types of wigs include human hair wigs, synthetic hair, human hair machine wigs, and lace front wigs. Learn more about these wig types.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

If you are after convenience, then you should consider synthetic hair wigs. They are ideal to ensure your hairstyle does not fall or frizz. As a result, your hair becomes weather resistant. The good thing about synthetic wigs is that you can choose any particular style with minimal effort.

Synthetic hair is made of polymer fibers. It is designed to feel and look as real. Another reason you should consider synthetic hair is that it holds its style longer as compared to human hair. Thus, if you are looking for a low-maintenance wig, you should go for synthetic hair.

Human Hair Wigs

Most people prefer human hair wigs. This is because they have soft movement and shine than their synthetic counterparts. Remy hair is unmatched since it has a cuticle layer. This type of wig is made of natural human hair. Hence, it has a natural feel and looks. Since it is real human hair, it is expensive. Since it is not treated or colored, it might be better than your hair.

Lace Front Wigs

These types of wigs are available in both synthetic and human hair. They are ideal for those seeking a flawless appearance. If you do not want any trace of a wig, you should consider these wigs. Their front section makes it appear like you have a normal hairline. This wig provides freestyle parting and it is long-lasting. Also, it supports a range of styling options. Remember that the idea behind wearing wigs is to have a flawless appearance. This is where the lace front wig comes to your rescue.

Human Hair Machine Wigs

Machine-made wigs continue to grow in popularity for various reasons. For instance, you can pull off a great look with minimal styling. This explains why many fashionistas are raving about it. With this wig, you can transform your look.

Like the front lace wig, this particular wig comes with a fixed parting. You will find it less expensive than those hand-sewn pieces. Many women prefer these wigs because their appearance is extremely realistic and affordable.


The above are different types of wigs you can buy. No matter the type of hair wig you purchase, there is a need to install it correctly. This is because the wrong installation can ruin your overall appearance. The right wig should instantly add length and volume. You can also color or style it to achieve a natural look.

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