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Installing the garage or commercial door

by Kerry

Ready to shift into your new home but are concerned about the security of your home? The trac rite doors have a variety of options for you to choose from. Before learning how to install a door you need to analyze what type of door will suit your fit.

Installing garage doors is not as easy as installing normal doors. Installing garage doors can be difficult as well as hazardous. So it is better to leave it to professionals to help you with this problem. Many companies provide installing door services.

Automatic garage doors are usually heavy and contain a lot of parts which is why they are difficult to install or fix on the other hand manual single or double garage doors are relatively easier to install and fix. it is not advisable to do it on your own but if you still don’t want to seek help from professionals we are here to help you and guide you through each step.

How to install a manual garage door?

Manual garage doors are usually cheaper than automatic garage doors. These doors need less maintenance. Don’t want to hire a professional? don’t worry we are here to guide you on how to install a manual garage door.

For the installation of the single or double manual garage door, you have to attach it with the torsion spring system. For doing that you will need a drill, a hex, and an open-end wrench. After gathering all these tools, you just need to follow these steps to install your door.

  1. Connect the flag bracket
  2. Then connect horizontal angle
  3. Attach these two to the doorjamb.
  4. Then you have to connect springs and torsion tubs. After that put these in brackets.
  5. Take measurements of the length of the spring when it is in a released condition.
  6. Now you can tighten those screws to the torsion tube.
  7. Once at a time tightens the right side as well as the left side drum.
  8. Connect the tube retainer.
  9. Winding up of spring.

How to install an automatic garage door?

Automatic garage doors come with a remote or are operated by smartphone apps these come in handy and give a modern and sleek look to your house. Automatic garage doors are a little technical when it comes to their installation. Installing them isn’t easy and they contain lots of parts and assembling.

One of the major reasons that you would choose an automatic door instead of a manual door is that automatic garage doors come with more benefits. You can open the door without getting out of your car and opening it manually.

For the installation of an automatic garage door, you’ll need to follow these steps

  1. Connect the track to the drive unit that contains the motor.
  2. Connect the remaining track sections.
  3. Connect the mounting bracket to the end of the track.
  4. Connect the mounting bracket to the beam above the door opening.
  5. Connect the motor to the beam.
  6. Connect the motor to the wall switch.
  7. Install infrared sensors.
  8. Connect the door to the opener.

Keep in mind that if you’re not familiar with the working of these tools the installation should be done by professionals.

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